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Contemplation (Part 1)

Contemplation, Part 1, by Fr. Thomas DubayThis is the first half of one of the most profound half hours in recorded media. Fr. Thomas Dubay of EWTN cuts to the heart of the subject of a deep relationship with God and backs it up with the words of Jesus Christ. If you want to have a truly personal relationship with God, this is it, put plainly and simply.

Prayer at Appointed Hours

Christ Crucified - Crypt of The Cathedral of Christ the LightLet us always desire the happy life from the Lord God and always pray for it. But for this very reason we turn our mind to the task of prayer at appointed hours, since that desire grows lukewarm, so to speak, from our involvement in other concerns and occupations. We remind ourselves through the words of prayer to focus our attention on the object of our desire; otherwise, the desire that began to grow lukewarm may grow chill altogether and may be totally extinguished unless it is repeatedly stirred into flame.

Carmelite Saints for November & December

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