Letter from the Lay Carmelite Office

March 23, 2015

Dear Directors,

Please read aloud and discuss this letter from the community at your next monthly meeting.

  1. CARMELITE REVIEW: We are in need of articles for future issues of Carmelite Review. If we had 8-10 articles that would supply us with Lay Carmelite articles for the next several issues. If you write well, please consider contributing. Send your article to the Lay Carmelite office. Thanks in advance.
  2. PRE-CONVOCATION EXPENSES: We are looking for a few donations to cover some of the pre-convocation expenses. Any community (or individual) who wishes may send a donation to the Lay Carmelite Office; on the check indicate “conv. –donation”. Thank you in advance. We will recognize you or your community as a donor at the beginning of the Convocation.
  3. LEADERSHIP DAY: We have about 25 places left for the Leadership Day [Friday, September 25]. Once we reach 120 registrants, we will return the checks for any registrations that come in after that, but will keep (in the order received) your yellow [registration] paper in case someone has to cancel. In order to process your Leadership Day registration, it must be accompanied by the $20.00 fee and also the registration sheet and deposit for the 2015 Convocation.
  4. 2015 COMMUNITY MANUAL: The 2015 edition of the Community Manual will be available for sale beginning Friday, May 1, 2015. For those attending the Leadership Day on September 25, you will need to have a copy of the new Community Manual with you in order to understand the explanations that will be presented. Cost of the manual is $15.00.
    (All communities should have at least one (1) copy of the 2015 Community Manual and be making use of it as needed, by October 1, 2015.)
  5. NEW PHASE II FORMATION PROGRAM: The new Phase II formation program consists of the book Climbing the Mountain: The Carmelite Journey (Johan-Bergstrom-Allen, T.O.C., editor) and Phase II Formator’s Supplemental Guide. The Candidates and the Phase II teacher both need Climbing the Mountain. The Phase II teacher needs the Phase II Formator’s Suppplemental Guide. Cost of Climbing the Mountain is $38.00, which includes shipping and handling. Due to its size, each order for the book is shipped separately. A limited number of this book is available for sale now since the LC Office has a supply on hand. After May 1, more books will be available for sale. Those attending the Leadership Day will not need the Climbing the Mountain book for any of the explanations to be given.
  6. 2015 Phase II FORMATOR’S SUPPLEMENTAL GUIDE: The Formator’s Supplemental Guide (for teachers only) to be used with the Phase II text will be available for sale beginning Friday, May 1, 2015. Those attending the Leadership Day on September 25 will need to have a copy of the Formator’s Supplemental Guide with you in order to understand the explanations that will be presented. Cost of the Phase II Guide is $15.00. This Guide includes in the appendix a list of recommended books, articles, websites; and a history of the provinces.
  7. EFFECTIVE DATES: The new Community Manual is in effect as of October 1, 2015. The new Phase II Formation Book and the Formator’s Supplemental Guide may be used any time after May 1, 2015. These new Phase II books must be used in the PCM Province for any Phase II formation classes that begin in 2016.
    1. Needed — Community ManualNote: If you have several community members attending this program, no need for each to buy the Community Manual. Two can look on the same copy.
    2. Needed — new Phase II Formator’s Supplemental GuideNote: Same as above.
    3. Not Needed — Climbing the Mountain

    **NOTE WELL:**
  9. The website for the Lay Carmelite Office is as follows: www.laycarmelitespcm.org. If you have any suggestions for the LC website, or you have corrections/changes regarding the information posted there about your LC Community, please inform the LC office, perferably in writing. Thank you in advance.

If you have any questions regarding the above information, feel free to call the LC Office about your concern — 630-969-5050.

In Carmel,

Sr. Mary Martin, O.Carm.
Coordinator of Lay Carmelites

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