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Don’t miss the new blog, When We Pray, written by Father Jack Welch. Here’s a taste from his first entry:

Many people say they could not get through the day without prayer. Frequent, short prayers remind us about life’s purpose. They help calm us, renew us, and give us strength to go on. For many people, prayer is as natural as breathing.

For others, prayer can be a mystery, and a burden. They do not have time for one more obligation in life. And even if they wanted to pray, questions arise. What am I doing when I pray? How should I pray? What should I say?

Read the whole article — and others — on the Order of Carmelites Website.

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Catherine is a member of Our Lady of Mercy Lay Carmelite Community. “An apostle must pay with himself for those he wants to win [for Christ].” Divine Intimacy, 326,2