Words to Ponder

God's Mercy - St. Teresa

“O Lord, Your mercy
surpasses my merits.”

[Ps 103]

“O, Lord, pour into my soul
the dew of Your mercy.”

God's Mercy - Fr. Gabriel
God's Mercy - St. Augustine
The fragrance of Your mercy... - St. Bernard

“Do not abandon me, O gentle Son of the Virgin, because mercy was born, together with You, from the womb of Your Immaculate Mother.”

God's Mercy - St. Therese

“Blessed are the merciful,
for they shall find mercy.”

[Mt 5:7]

God's Mercy - Fr. Gabriel

“Teach me to distil the sweet perfume of mercy, which is composed of the needs of the poor, the anguish of the oppressed, the anxieties of the afflicted, the failures of sinners, and finally, all the pains of those who suffer, even if they be my enemies.”

“O Jesus, would that I could
tell all souls of Your ineffable
condescension! I feel that if,
by any impossiblility,
You could find a soul
weaker than mine,
I believe that You would
take delight in showering
upon it still greater favors,
if it abandoned itself
with perfect trust to
Your infinite mercy.”

God's Mercy - Therese
God's Mercy - Psalm 103
God's Mercy - Fr. Gabriel

“O Lord, pour into my soul the dew of Your mercy, fill my heart with charity, that I may know how to be all things to all men and be so dead to myself that I live only for the good of others.”

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Catherine is a member of Our Lady of Mercy Lay Carmelite Community. “An apostle must pay with himself for those he wants to win [for Christ].” Divine Intimacy, 326,2