Ongoing Formation

2020 Ongoing Formation Lessons & Required Reading

Phase 3

The person who feels called to Carmel embarks on a journey of faith, like our models, Mary and Elijah. Gradually over the course of a lifetime, the Carmelite is changed, not just on an exterior plane but is transformed on every level of his personality if he consents to the will of God. In this way the Carmelite is conformed to Christ and becomes a new creation in Him.

Carmelite Formation: A Journey of Transformation


Ongoing Formation During This Unique Time

Since we’re not gathering physically due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you might be interested in exploring some of the following resources for personal growth.

Recommended Reading for Personal Growth



Ongoing Formation

Into Your Hands, Father by Wilfrid Stinissen

For Ongoing Formation in our community, we are studying Into Your Hands, Father: Abandoning Ourselves to the God Who Loves Us, by Wilfrid Stinessen, O.C.D., Ignatius Press, San Francisco, CA, 2011.

About the book. “In this simple but profound book, Fr. Stinissen distinguishes three degrees or stages in abandonment. The first stage consists of accepting and assenting to God’s will as it manifests itself in all circumstances of life. The second is actively doing God’s will at every moment of one’s life. In the third stage, abandonment to God is so complete that one has become a tool in God’s hands. At this stage it is no longer we who do God’s will, but God who accomplishes his will through us. This inspiring work will help all spiritual seekers to understand the reality and power of the immense love that God has for each of us, and to contemplate the heart of God, which is love and mercy.” [Excerpt from the book’s back cover]


Because of the “Shelter-in-Place” order, we will have online community gatherings instead of community meetings until further notice. We will resume Ongoing Formation as soon as possible. Stay tuned!