Reflections on life, spirituality, religion and more by various Carmelite and Catholic authors.

The Apostolate of St. Teresa of Ávila

St. Teresa of ÁvilaCarmelites are “prayer in the heart of the Church” and, as such, our apostolate is to pray for priests and evangelists. We must be fervent and faithful in this task, for the active apostolate depends on the contemplative apostolate. Our prayers and their service will win souls for Christ. In the following reflection, St. Teresa of Ávila reminds us to be faithful in the battle for souls.

Go into Your Prayer Room

St. AmbroseChrist urges you, when you ask forgiveness for yourself, to be especially generous to others, so that your actions may command your prayer. The Apostle, too, teaches you how to pray: you must avoid anger and contentiousness, so that your prayer may be serene and wholesome. He tells you also that every place is a place of prayer, though our Savior says: Go into your room...